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June 1, 2019 - HAPPY JUNE UPDATE!

Good news!  We're in the final phases of prep for publication. The book should be published and available on Amazon and in stores by the end of this month.  I wish I could have a HUGE launch party with you all, but I'll have to settle for doing it virtually via this blog! I'll keep you posted. Until then...enjoy the upcoming summer!  

6/26/19 - So close I can almost read it!! :-o

Final edits done. Now just waiting for Amazon to get it posted.  Should be up and available for ordering with the next 2-3 days. It will be in paperback and a Kindle version. I'll post the direct link to it here once available.  Then the REAL FUN begins!!


6/28/19 - IT'S HERE!

Finally!  It's been a long haul.. but enjoyable one.

You can get either format at Amazon:

Hope you enjoy it!


7/28/19 - Reviews

The reviews have started to come in. All very positive so far and much appreciated!  Here's a sample:

 I bought this book with the hope that the intrigue of the subtitle would continue throughout the book. I was not disappointed! Unlike traditional memoirs, this book is less a recounting of memorable moments in the author’s life for the sake of personal history and more an ongoing dialogue between Calten and the reader. In the style of a good story teller (think Isak Dinesen), he uses personal vignettes to drive home philosophical concepts, life approaches that beg contemplation. Calten is clearly a deep thinker and a man who is comfortable with himself, with what matters. Never pedantic, he offers potentially life-altering maxims followed by humorous phrases that keep the reading pace quick and light. I found myself laughing aloud. Be prepared for a journey into your own thought system. Somehow he has made it impossible to hide from one’s self while reading this book. If you want a book that keeps you totally engrossed, this is it. What a great read! - 5 Stars

8/16/19 - and more!

 ***    Calten has delivered a beautifully written book of stories that evoke a range of emotions in the reader. You laugh, you cry, and most importantly, you think. His words and perspective cause a necessary introspection of yourself and your position relative to his. This to me spells success for a writer. This book is a must read! 


***     What a thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking read! Depth Charges allows us to examine how the author has navigated through the same kinds of complexities and challenges that we all face in life's journey. Calten's ability to intelligently break down his personal experiences with weighty issues (career choices, romantic relationships, aging, loss of loved ones, etc.) and deliver it with an accessible "guy next store" voice is truly impressive. This "bare your soul" memoir is both inspirational and provocative. It will inspire (maybe taunt) us to inspect the decisions we made on our own journeys. Readers may just have to "open the hood and take a look see." 



From the messages you left on my Contact page:

10/10/19 - More than a few readers have asked me if the incidents described in my "Corporate" chapter are really true.  Short answer - every word! 

Most questionable is the section on my employ with the company run by the blatantly tyrannical president.  I know.. I know!  By today's standards of acceptable behavior, there's no way a person like that could survive in any capacity within a business environment. (At least I hope not.)  Sadly, it was true and, as you've read, we eventually got the situation resolved. 

Oh... the guy that flash-fried himself is also true!

Thanks for the questions. Keep 'em coming!


11/14/19 - Book Signing!

Had a very successful book event yesterday at the Desert Foothills Library -  terrific facility and staff!  We all got DEEP and had fun as well. Thanks to you all!


12/12/19 - WELL... I'VE GONE AND DONE IT!

Yes, I know... I made it very clear in my book how I feel about the evils of social networking. But after much counseling and verbal arm twisting, I was convinced to set up a Facebook page and to join Twitter! (Surely the dogs and cats are now sleeping together!) 

So you can find me on FBook now for whatever that does for us!  Not sure what the value of Twitter is yet, so no promises on my longevity there.  If I want Tweets I can just walk outside!






Hi all. Been a while. Most of us have been busy trying to stay healthy. These are unusual times and circumstances have placed us in a situation we are not accustomed to.   Hopefully you and yours are doing well and finding out some new things about yourselves and those close to you. (Well... not too close!)  A good time to explore new interests, try some new activities,and of course - do some reading!

For me, many thoughts about this experience that will most likely be distilled for an upcoming book.  See you all on the other side of this. Stay well!